A Papercutting artist doing his part in trying to spread love in the world.

I am a papercutting artist, a jewelry designer, software developer and a palmist who has spent years travelling, exhibiting and working in many different companies in the world. Now, I am living in a quiet and peaceful suburb in the south of Perth, the world’s most remote capital city. My process of creating any of the artworks you may see on the site is as taking a piece of paper, visualising a story and cutting away parts that aren’t needed.

I strive in my art to show peace, love, humanity and humility and use the intricacy, and beauty of my work to create a sense of awe in the viewer.

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Surah Ar-Rahman

Currently working on a project to pictorially describe the Surah Ar-Rahman of the Quran. The project will extend to 35 pieces once complete.

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