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Brief About me

I am a Paper Cutting Artist. I cut stories. My process is very straight forward. I take a piece of paper, I visualize my story, sometime I sketch, sometimes I don’t. As my image is already contained inside the paper, I just remove the parts that are not part of the story. I didn’t begin my artistic life with papercutting. In fact, I see it more as part of a winding path.

As a teenager I was sketching and drawing; I was interested in landscapes. I wanted to be an artist. I was drawn to creating scenery with pen and ink. I worked as a CAD/CAM jewellery designer and designed many jewellery pieces. I now work as a software developer.

My papercutting exhibition is based around positive and negative factors of life and how I see these as an artist. Love, peace, happiness and equality are the main messages throughout my artwork. If you buy artwork online and you are living in Australia, I will post in two days time. I can create artwork according to your certain specification. If you have any request for artwork or interview, please go to contact us page and submit your enquiry. I will get back to you within next days.


I am also a professional Palm reader and read many stories of life. After years of research, I came to the understanding of how complete and precise palmistry is.

I then started to practice that which our ancestors have preserved and passed on to us. My main goal is to preserve and protect this precious jewel of ancient science. After becaming a pratictioner and custodian of this knowledge, I have had the honour to help and guide people of all backgrounds from all around the world in more than 60 countries. I have met many clients who didn't speak a word of English or Hindi, but language has never been an issue in order to communicate messages of the soul.

I am based in Kwinana, WA in Australia, where I do personal face-to-face readings. Additionally, I offer consultation through email to my clients who I've met in person. If we haven't met in person, don't be discouraged, I do accept first time reading requests via Email if you can send me pictures of your hands. This process takes extra time for me, but the results will be as if we met in person. You are welcome to ask specific questions and I would be happy to clarify any additional questions from your consultation reply.

I am internationally recognised Palmist Tusif Ahmad has studied the science of Palmistry for many years.

I travelled the world giving readings including Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus, inspirational talks and workshops on the subject and I was one of the highest rating lecturers on various cruise ships.

It is an established fact that people's personality traits as well as their emotional and physical wellbeing are all reflected in the shape, size and markings on their hands.

Your hands are an open book on which your life story is written.

Tusif will reveal insights about yourself and help you to realize your true potential in life.

You can book your appointment by calling me on 0423408803 or sending me email from the contact us form.



Size: na
Door of Heaven
Size: 1100x 1000 Aprox
The Purity
Size: 73 x 86 cm
Size: 68.5 x 81 cm
Face Life
Size: 73.5 x 98 cm
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