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Ṭūbā (Arabic: طُوبَىٰ‎ ṭūbā, lit. “blessedness” is a term often associated with a tree that some Muslims believe grows in Jannah, or Islamic heaven.

The term is only mentioned once in the Koran in the context of blessedness and it is not mentioned as a Tree by name. The only other source that relates the arguably same term to a tree is a hadith. The term has caught the imagination of writers over the years. For example, Sohrevardi developed a story surrounding the old Persian mythology and suggests that it is indeed a Tree in the heaven where the mythical bird Simurgh lay eggs. Similarly, in 1449, Mehmed Yazıcıoğlu wrote of a similar tree in The Creation of Paradise in his manuscript called Muhammediye:

In its courtyard’s riven centre, planted he the Tuba-Tree; That a tree which hangeth downward, high aloft its roots are there: Thus its radiance all the Heavens lighteth up from end to end, Flooding every tent and palace, every lane and every square. Such a tree the Tuba, that the Gracious One hath in its sap Hidden whatsoever there be of gifts and presents good and fair; Forth therefrom crowns, thrones, and jewels, yea, and steeds and courses come, Golden leaves and clearest crystals, wines most pure beyond compare. For his sake there into being hath he called the Tuba-Tree, That from Ebu-Qasim’s hand might every one receive his share.

The holy city of Touba, Senegal, is named for the tree.

The Arabic female given name Tuba or Touba derives from the tree. Tuba (often spelt “Tuğba”) is also a modern Arabic borrowing into Turkish and has become a common female name since the 1970s.

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