The Hijrah

January 28, 2018With Calligraphy
Medium :
Wall Decal or Vinyl Sticker paper
Size :
136cm x 96cm

‘Hijrah’ is the migration of the Prophet (PBUH) and his followers from Mecca to Medina in a very difficult time. I combined the spider web with the starting verse of ‘Surah Yasin’ as the prophet Muhammed had recited some parts of this chapter of the Quran when he hid in a cave during his journey. The spider web is included because a spider made a web at the entrance of the cave, deterring the enemies from entering. This effectively saved the prophets (PBUH) life.
The artwork shows the historical path on which the Prophet (PBUH) took this journey.
Saraqa ibn Malik attempted to pursue him, but his horse half sank into the ground three times and then he returned back to Makkah.
The sky of Medina is filled with flowers and birds and this represents happiness, peace and its welcoming aura.

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