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By January 27, 2018 August 8th, 2020 Religious Stories

The concept of God in Islam is absolute monotheism with Allah (God) who is The Originator and incomparable to anything in Creation.

In Islamic tradition, 99 attributes of God are named, enabling an understanding and appreciation of His various qualities. These names or qualities include; Al-Rahman, The Merciful; Al-Raheem, The Compassionate; Al Ahad, The One; Al-Hayy, The Ever-Living; Al-Qayoom, The External; Al-Aleem, The All-Knowing; Al-Adl, The Just and Al-Khaliq, The Creator. Many Muslim given names are based on these attributes, prefaced with ‘Abdul’, meaning ‘Servant of’, for example; ‘Abdul-Raheem’.

All 99 names appear in Arabic within this delicate piece which took four months to complete.


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