Kullu Man Alaiha Faan

By September 17, 2019 February 15th, 2021 Arabic Calligraphy

The translation of calligraphy at the bottom:

“Everyone on earth perishes; all that remains is the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honour.”(Quran, 55: 26-27)

The verses above occupy the lower circle, describing the end and how after everything, only God will be left. Around this is patterning forming a globe to represent earth, and the surrounding calliagraphy, making the balk of the work, consists of the names of God. Central to everthing in shining gold is the Arabic word for God, Allah.

The 99 names of God are all drawn directly from the Quran and each speaks to a specific characteristic, such as Ar Rahman, The Most Merciful; Al Mu’min, The Inspirer of Faith; Al Basir, The All-Seeing; Al Muhyi, The Giver of Life, Al Hakim, The Wise.

Media : Original hand crafted paper cutting Art
Artwork Size : 105 x 60 cm including frame size : 115 x 70 cm
Artwork is framed sandwiched in double glass.


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