“The Islamic Museum of Australia is currently showing a stunning exhibition called 'Bismillah- Devotional Papercutting', by award winning Perth based artist, Tusif Ahmad. An ensemble of intricately cut designs, these fifteen works convey themes of spirituality through the art of calligraphy and images. Perhaps the most notable feature is the way Ahmad has deployed a fine art to create these works which at a distance resemble paintings, but upon close inspection reveal works of staggering precision that will leave you awestruck. I cannot commend this exhibition enough - running until 16th February 2019 at the IMA. The detail will impress you as will the accompanying serenity found in a celebration of the divine, so masterfully rendered.”

Tasneem ChopraExhibition in the Islamic Museum of Australia.

“The director and principal architect Issam Nabulsi of Desypher, (the architectural firm responsible for building the Islamic Museum of Australia ) just stated in his opinion the current visiting exhibition is the best one we have ever had”

Sherene HassanExhibition in the Islamic Museum of Australia.

“Celebrating the opening of Tusif’s art exhibition at the Islamic Museum of Australia.
It’s on until mid-February, so if you’re in Melbourne between now and then, you must go see it - it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! ”

Affy BhattiExhibition in the Islamic Museum of Australia.

“I may not be an art connoisseur but I CAN spot a genius when I see one.
Tusif bhai starts with a single sheet of paper and conceptualises / imagines the drawings using his brilliance and intellect.
Then he cuts pieces out using nothing more than a scalpel and his hands. The patience and expertise needed are astounding.
The final versions are nothing short of spectacular. I encourage everyone to visit his exhibition at the Islamic Museum.”

Waqas SiddiqiExhibition in the Islamic Museum of Australia.

“What a treat this afternoon where I attended the art exhibition of Tusif Ahmad, a world renown Papercutting artist who has held exhibitions in other countries as well as the recipient of art awards and is actually a City of Kwinana resident! Tusif is originally from
Pakistan I made him and his family Australian citizen in 2012. Papercutting is a unique skill and each picture is carefully designed and cut from only ONE piece of paper - “amazing”. Tusif must have incredible patience and his artwork revolve around pillars of peace, love, humanity and humility.”

Mayor Carol AdamsExhibition in Labyrinth Mosaic Studio, Medina, Kwinana

“ I have just come back from viewing this exhibition by Tusif Ahmad. What an absolute feast for the eyes. I could have spent all day looking at his creations as there was soooo much detail in each & every piece. Other visitors would point out either words or images that hadn't yet been revealed to people standing by & I don't think I have ever experienced a viewing of any artist that was creating so much excitement & conversations with complete strangers. The Labyrinth Mosaic Studio on Seabrooke Way, Medina was not only a great venue to showcase Tusif's work it was also a treat for any lover of unique Mosaic tiles.
I wish you well Tusif in finding new homes for your wonderful art to be showcased & admired for many years to come.
Thank you for sharing
Please note: My mere male model is obviously not the artist but I asked him to step in purely for scale of the work.”

Inger WardExhibition in Labyrinth Mosaic Studio, Medina, Kwinana